Hi, I’m Sivahn!

I started my yogic path in the summer of 2016. Not only yogic but a deep path of healing. Growing up in Los Angeles was like growing up in a circus!

I began to have aches and illnesses and no knowledge of how to fix that. The only thing I could do, was make the conscious decision of making it a priority to strengthen my body and heal it. From that moment I decided I wasn’t going to live a life of pain, looking for escapes and reasons not to face myself. I did a 180 on my life and began to practice yoga. My love for yoga grew stronger and stronger with my self-practice and eventually in 2019 I felt ready to take on the role of teacher and share my knowledge and love for yoga with others. I am now certified with +600 hours of yoga teacher training, happy to spread my wings and bring anyone who wants to join this path to come under them. I am trained in Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, and Yoga for Women, but focus primarily on Yoga Therapeutics where the genre or speed of yoga is not what determines the practice.

With yoga therapeutics, I plan out sessions and complete practices solely based on you and what you need -> whether it be connected to any physical conditions such as scoliosis or tight muscles or mental conditions such as stress or depression. It is important for me to have you leave our sessions with tools to feel better inside and out.

I love you and I am here for you. Thank you.

Yoga with Sivahn